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In the News: SXSW Music Festival turns 30 in 2016

It's amazing how time flies, I remember going to some of the first SXSW music events back in the late 80s when I was a film and tv student at the University of Texas in Austin, now, after having attended more than 15 times, SXSW is turning 30 in March 2016. What started as a little music festival born to showcase a few local acts has turned out to become one of the biggest music festival around the world, later adding tech and movies into the mix. Some years have been better than others when it comes to musical acts, speakers, shows and special events but one thing has remained constant: it's always a great experience. 

As for me, the cameras have also changed greatly, starting with heavy old betacams and 3/4 tape monsters, now shooting portable 1080hd, 4k, DSLR cams, go pros, drones and many more cams have made shooting this great event even more fun. The essence of the live music events can be captured more "alive" than ever before, Live streaming now brings many music, conference and speakers "live" without attending, creating the widest and largest audience there's ever been. But in spite of how big this event continues to get one of my best memories is all the cool people from all over the world I've gotten to meet shooting events for any numbers of networks like CBS, MTV, NBC, ABC, CNN, GermanTV, Discovery, HBO, Travel Channel and the great people producing many of thees events from England, Germany, Japan, Mexico, US, South America, Canada, Russia and more.
In the end, while the work has been a total blast, making new memories with new friends from all over the world is what I always remember most and the new friends I'll make this year will be just as special as the ones I met 30 years ago.

SXSW 2016
Interactive: March 11–15 • Film: March 11–19 • Music: March 15–20

SXSW Music
2,266 Showcasing Artists
233 Panels, Workshops & Sessions
107 Venues & Stages

Keynote Conversation: Snoop Dogg

Notable Speakers: Big Sean, Wyclef Jean, Wynonna Judd, The Church, Shepard Fairey, Will Butler; Paul Krugman; Chuck D, Gloria Trevi, Henry Rollins

Iggy Garcia

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